Drabble Time!

Pick a boy for me to do a drabble on? (;

Logan, Kendall, Carlos or James?

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  1. beccabuggg answered: you should just do a drabble of each.. i like your drabbles.
  2. pologarate answered: Carlos
  3. kendallgotnobooty answered: kendall!!
  4. big-time-feels answered: LOGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. lol im sorry if i seem like a creepy stalker haha. i just love ur tumblr omg. :3
  5. lluvia-vida answered: carlos :)
  6. bb-sammy answered: james :)
  7. mexicantoken answered: JAMES
  8. ohdakotamae answered: kendall
  9. slutalogan answered: none of them, you troll
  10. jusst-mee answered: logan!
  11. cxndycane answered: omg i hate you no go away
  12. chrisevansismyfather answered: LOGAN. you’re welcome~
  13. fangedcutie answered: logan ^_~, if you don’t mind
  14. kool-zilla answered: James
  15. princessgismine answered: james, please. i’m staying for james. only for today. but i am.
  16. ashthebibliophile answered: JAMES!
  17. scottymccreerys answered: i vote none of them again :B
  18. come-on-i-ll-demonstrate answered: Logan
  19. himynameismrbrightside answered: Carlos, he desveres it!
  20. jamescrotch answered: James please:D
  21. silentcalifornia answered: James♥
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